Pay Off Payday Loans Before the Holidays!

Pay Off Payday Loans Before the Holidays!

We have always taught visitors here at “Help With payday Loan Debt” that it is best to avoid the build-up of debt, and one way of doing this is to pay off payday loans BEFORE the holidays!

When people approach the holiday season and money is already short they tend to set aside safeguards and add to the problems by borrowing more money than they can afford to pay back.

This can lead to some serious debt problems on the other side of the holiday season.

The Mire has learned that people take months to pay off remaining holiday debts and some even end up taking drastic measures to pay off the debt!

Why does this happen?

Let’s explore some of  the reasons below.

Existing Payday Loan Debt

We have seen people over and over go into the holiday season already carrying payday loan debt and then they take on more loans to be able to buy presents and entertain family and friends.

This is a terrible idea and one that should be avoided at ALL COSTS!

Gifts and entertaining are foolish when one can not afford them and if a person needs to borrow money, especially high interest short term money to achieve this they can not afford it.

I know this is hard to go through but living in reality will save people from the harsh reality check of having multiple payday loans and no money to pay them once the holidays are over.

Instead of the above behavior if you already have existing payday loans before the holidays arrive pay them off now and be done with them and do not take out any more loans!

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This is one of the biggest reasons people end up in major financial trouble.

People feel bad if they can not buy their children and other family members gifts for Christmas and though we understand that feeling, putting one’s self in jeopardy to be able to do this by taking out loans that one can not afford to pay back is being careless and foolish.

There are alternatives to this and one may be surprised how much fun they can be.

For example, entertaining family and friends can be done through churches and other public venues that will keep the costs down and promote fellowship.

Pot lucks and gift exchanges are all great ideas and can actually be more fun than just getting together with the immediate family.

A family that uses it’s imagination to create a great holiday experience is actually priceless, and that pun was intended.

Feeling Inadequate

Many people have come to us post-holiday and gave the reason for being so far in debt after the holidays are over as not wanting to feel inadequate.

This is flawed thinking at it’s best.

Think about it, if you are living within your means you should be filled with joy that you know where you are and you know how to move forward, not backward.

Instead of feeling inadequate you should be proud of yourself, you know how to deal with a situation and not make it worse!

Here is a perfect example of living within your means, and yes, we shop there too!

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We all want to make our family and friends happy during the holidays, but we must remember where we are financially and where we need to be.

Taking on debt to celebrate and entertain is not the answer.

The best answer is to pay off any existing loans and come out the other side of the holidays with zero debt and a smile!

With a little creative thinking and planning and we can all be smiling and really be blessed this holiday season!

If you have existing payday loan debt you need help with we can be of assistance with that.

Check out our Payday Loan Repayment Plan we offer for fast, pain-free elimination of payday loan debt!

Once that debt is gone having a happy holiday season is much more obtainable!

We wish you a happy holiday season!

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